Friday, 16 May 2014

"A Decade of watching Doctor Who"

first post by Anthony Iuculano

"I can't believe it! even just saying it feels funny. When you reach the point where you've been watching your favourite show for 10 years you get to the point where you can't imagine a time when you didn't watch it but it's true, anyone who's watched the show can probably still remember that first time, that first time they caught their very first ever episode of Doctor Who. For me it was part one of a Tom Baker (4th Doctor) story called The Face of Evil. For my 10 year old self it really did seem like another world, Tom Baker's fourth Doctor striding across an alien land scape, savages worshipping an imaginary God and an imaginary God which turns out to be a megalomaniac/ psychotic computer called Xoanon. I won't go in to the plot of the story in case there are Doctor Who fans who haven't seen The Face of Evil but I will tell you that my favourite cliff hanger from that story is this scene where The Doctor is trying to convince Xoanon that he isn't a figment of Xoanon's imagination, that he's real and Xoanon just looses it and nearly kills him.
here's a link to that scene on YouTube:

 In my next post I'll talk a bit more about what it was initially about Tom Baker's Doctor that got me hooked on the character and the next Doctor Who story I saw after The Face of Evil, which was The Robots of Death.

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