Saturday, 17 May 2014

The awesomeness of Tom Baker and a look at The Robots of Death

"One thing I want to state in this post is just how little about The Doctor's background I knew when I started watching the show, (the show was really mysterious for me at this point ) I got my first titbit in part one of The Robots of Death where (this was the first time I saw inside the Tardis) The Doctor (Tom Baker) explains to Leela why the Tardis is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside (here's the clip" I think it was really over the course of watching my first four Doctor Who stories (The Face of Evil, The Robots of Death, The Talons of Weng-chiang and Horror of Fang Rock) that I became addicted to watching the show every (almost every) afternoon after school and it was all because of Tom Baker and how good he was as The Doctor. When I first started watching the show I didn't know about William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton or Jon Pertwee because I didn't know at this point that The Doctor was a Time Lord and I definitely Didn't know about regeneration at this point, for me Tom Baker "was" The Doctor." I honestly think it was because of his ability to be funny and serious at the same time and his ability to mock his enemies but not make it obvious to his enemy's that he was mocking them, I think it was those two qualities amongst all the other things about The Fourth Doctor that made me warm to the character ( Now back to The Robots of Death, this is one of my favourite Doctor Who stories, it manages to do horror, whodunit/murder mystery and Sci-Fi all at the same time and the robots in this story are one of my favourite Doctor Who monsters. This story keeps you guessing who the man or woman behind the robot murders are for a good portion of the story (unless you looked up the plot on Wikipedia of course) and when you find out who it is you wonder how you didn't realise it in the first place, (well I did anyway). As for the sand miner robots their art deco look makes them creepy even in the scene's when their not trying to and because of the design that the production crew of this story went with it means they don't look out of date even now. The Robots of Death is top-notch Doctor Who.

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